Monday, September 1, 2008

Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon, while in search for some cache?

Despite the initial response of "nothing" to the whole "What will you do for Labor Day?" we actually have had a blast this weekend doing all sorts of things!

We started out our Labor Day weekend celebration by going out Geocaching with Aunt Michelle out in Security, CO. We have become very excited about this whole geocaching thing, especially Larry. The last cache we went to find was about a two mile hike there (and back!) out to the middle of nowhere, really. And to top it off, the cache was hidden in an actual ant hill! You should have been there to see Michelle's and my face when Larry bent down to pick up some weird random lump on top of the ant hill. We all came back with not only a cool coin and pictures, but some lovely sunburns as well. It was all alot of fun!

We then went to the Colorado Springs Balloon Glow where a bunch of hot air balloons stay planted on the ground while they illuminate their balloons at night. What a sight to see! It almost was like going and seeing Christmas lights! We really loved experiencing this, even though Edana was screaming, "All done! All done!" Within a few seconds of being there. We think she was scared of the loud noises the balloons made. Go figure. ;)

We then went again this morning to watch the balloons actually take off. It was alot of fun getting to hang out with our friends, the Eliason's, and are grateful they put up with us "not so much early-birds, Eyrings". ;) We then went around to the booth's in hope of some free stuff. After much searching, we did indeed find our much envied swag! (Don't you love the foam cowboy hats?)

Then, to end our Labor Day, we again went out with Aunt Michelle, her kids (Jake and Sienna) and her parents for some more geocaching. We decided to go have an early dinner at Garden of the Gods and do all of our caching there. We did a lot of picture taking to prove we were there to enter in our caching and hiked up a portion of Palmer Trail for a beautiful view! All the while kid "trading" on our way up the trail because not only were the kids tired and needing a break, but us adults as well! It has been so much fun to have family nearby to hangout with and Edana had such a blast copying EVERYTHING Sienna does. :)

Overall, this is probably by far the best way we could ever spend Labor Day.


Abby O! said...
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The Eliason Family said...

My dad did leave his GPS's (yes he has more than 1) home. I'm looking for them so we can go cache ourselves some stuff!