Thursday, November 20, 2008


I love today.

Even though I am behind on the housework and these blogs of mine (oops!), or despite the fact that I just spent my lunch on cleaning up the raw turkey and it's brine I knocked all over the kitchen floor and "enjoyed" myself as I wrote a letter to the Better Business Bureau (remember the whole cell phone blog from before...yep...still not resolved)...I heart today.


This is what I woke up to:

A happy little girl, jumping crazy in her crib.

She couldn't stop laughing, which in turn made me laugh. So I joined in.

The peels of laughter continued and I took pictures of our silliness.

I'm happy that Edana FINALLY has a room to play in.
We were mean parents and had our guest bed in her room before.
Not anymore.

So much room to play in.

She's loves it.
And I love that.

Why else do I love today?

Larry bought me flowers last night, so I put them all over the house today

Any other reason?

I played with playdoh.

Who else can say they played with playdoh for their dayjob?
We pretended to be "Ace of Cakes"
I like Edana's the best, though I must admit, those lime green candles on mine rock. ;)

I love being a mom. I love being her mom.

Did I mention?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blog Searching

I have developed a weird fascination: Other people's blogs. I don't know what it is about it, but I love reading what other people write. Even if it may seem so mundane, I love it. Maybe because it's a step out of my own life, or maybe just for plain curiosity's sake, but it love it. Tonight I have found a blog from a woman whom takes random pictures of the strange things people wear in NY, a blog by an excellent writer in Los Angeles whom is completely infatuated with her hubby it's almost sickening, to a blogger whom is just tired of today and decided to stay in pj's all day and do absolutely nothing but blog. Is this sad that I find it so interesting? What a great way to waste my precious "me" time. At least I enjoyed not thinking about scrubbing the dirty bathtub for a little while and now, I go to sleep.
But if any of you have this strange fascination, do share. I'd love to share these special "gems" I seem to find while just being plain bored and hiding from my real duties in life.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hurray for Mr. 23!!!

So, as you might have known, Larry's b-day was Saturday. We started our morning with a scone and omelet breakfast, where I insisted Larry wear his B-day sombrero hat and he opened his presents of "Oregon Trail" and a cool snake species book.
We then had ourselves a ball at Denver's Reptile Expo...we'll...actually....Larry had a ball at the Expo while Edana and Jen meandered around wondering what the crap half of these things were. After much debating and running from one kiosk to another, Larry did it. He found his beloved frogs. I have to admit, they're freaking cute. I enjoy watching them hop around chasing each other. Larry named them Pyro and Aqua. Aqua because one of them has a freakish-fetish just sitting and watching the waterfall and Pyro because Larry thinks his back looks like there are flames going down his back. All in all, they are very cool and I don't even have to clean their poop! That makes it all worth it to me.

On Sunday we had a ...sorta-surprise b-day party. The sorta part because after our friend Josh had taken Larry out for "home teaching" his wife Emily and the kids were going to come over and we'd all surprise Larry. Ha. So, silly Jen forgot to turn back on the ringer to her phone and didn't hear the gate call, so poor Emily was locked out the apartment complex. By the time I realized they should be at our house, I call to find out that Emily is waiting at the gate for a person in front of her to unlock it, and who should be behind her but Josh and Larry. It was pretty funny hearing the play-by-play of what was happening but I felt bad for being so forgetful. So, apparently what tipped Larry off was the seeing little Austin laughing and running into the apartment. :) It still was alot of fun and we got to have yummy ice cream cake and play Spades. (which Emily and I totally kicked butt in, btw....hehhehehe...)

So now, after 23 years, Larry finally has his dart frogs, which defines him as a real man. (or so he thinks) ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It never fails....

It Never Fails.....

That when I think dishes are almost done...

Another dish comes my way.

No matter how many times I water the plants...

They always seem to die.

No matter how full I stuff the washer...

There's always more loads to do.

No matter how much needs to be done
I always end up here on the computer.
Whenever I think I'm by myself
My little shadow is always near.

Despite the fact that it's 11:00 and my kid is fully dressed
I'm still in my pj's doing chores.
I never fail to realize that despite all these things
that never seem to get done
I love my life anyway.
Just to add....
Edana and I were playing down the hallway when all of a sudden she got terrified and bolted at me while we were taking silly pictures. She wouldn't tell me what it was but keep shaking her head saying "scarwie scarwie". couldn't figure it out until i looked at her pic....
I don't know. Maybe I watch wayyyyyyy to many Ghost hunters, but i kept taking photo after photo to see if there was more dust and even had Edana run around, but no little orbs were in the pic.

If nothing else but silly, you kind of got a chill, huh. ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Larry

To larry

Who would've known that in 23 years,

This baby would be a man?

Who would've known that this freckled-face boy
Would have a daughter as his biggest fan?

Yes, who would have known that this silly brother
Would be so proud of his sisters, two?
Who would have known that this adventurous child
Would grow to sit on back, admiring life's view?

Who would have known that this handsome fellow
Would put his life's dreams to the side?
Who would have known that he's happiest when
His wife and child's home he can provide?
We are so grateful for you Larry and want you to know just how much it means to us that you are here in our lives. Thankyou for all the selflessness and for having such a big heart. We love you and are so proud of you! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Here's to was short and I'll miss you!

The weather has significantly dropped these last few days and the weatherman predicts snow. So, cheers to my favorite season: Fall! May next year last longer!
And here's a great insert for all the fun fall things we have done this year (and the pics that I forgot to put up!)
Did I mention that we did go to a pumpkin patch this year? No? Yeah, I forgot to put that up. We went out with our friends the Eliason's and had a blast playing on these HUGE slippery slides they had there. Though the large boxes full of pumpkins was not my idea of a real pumpkin patch, I guess in CO you really have to wing-it. But seriously, these slides were the best!

Hands down, Larry and Austin win the "best sliding-position" award....

and Josh I think wins the "best face pulled". :)

We also got a fun family pic. Why Larry is the girl scarecrow and I'm the boy...we're not sure....
And the cute babies wanted to sit on the tractor, so we moms encouraged it (especially if we could get some great pics!)

Then for pumpkin carving! What could be better than pulling the slimy guts out of pumpkins? Not much, in my book. Though everyone else's looked a whole lot better than mine, it

still was an awesome night of pumpkin gutting and making smores in our fireplace!

Fall means the end of the presidential election! It over! Yeah! No more mud-slinging or pointing of fingers! No more silly commercials that play over and over again! This year was my first year to vote. I was so proud of myself that I took a picture with my voting sticker. What I didn't realize was that voting is a kin to taking a test that you haven't studied for. Sure, I was all decided when it came to my vote on presidents and state officials, but amendments...I had no idea. So, sorry to CO if my vote somehow put us back at all. I really didn't know what all the garble said.
Another blessed opportunity with the cold weather, is the excuse of staying inside and being lazy! ;) These days, Edana and I are getting creative in entertaining ourselves. Yestureday, we had a princess picnic, and we dressed ourselves up (as well as her bear. She insisted!) and danced around the house giggling for no reason. I never thought that this would be how I would use this dress, but it's probably better than anything I could have phathomed.
I heart fall.