Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hurray for Mr. 23!!!

So, as you might have known, Larry's b-day was Saturday. We started our morning with a scone and omelet breakfast, where I insisted Larry wear his B-day sombrero hat and he opened his presents of "Oregon Trail" and a cool snake species book.
We then had ourselves a ball at Denver's Reptile Expo...we'll...actually....Larry had a ball at the Expo while Edana and Jen meandered around wondering what the crap half of these things were. After much debating and running from one kiosk to another, Larry did it. He found his beloved frogs. I have to admit, they're freaking cute. I enjoy watching them hop around chasing each other. Larry named them Pyro and Aqua. Aqua because one of them has a freakish-fetish just sitting and watching the waterfall and Pyro because Larry thinks his back looks like there are flames going down his back. All in all, they are very cool and I don't even have to clean their poop! That makes it all worth it to me.

On Sunday we had a ...sorta-surprise b-day party. The sorta part because after our friend Josh had taken Larry out for "home teaching" his wife Emily and the kids were going to come over and we'd all surprise Larry. Ha. So, silly Jen forgot to turn back on the ringer to her phone and didn't hear the gate call, so poor Emily was locked out the apartment complex. By the time I realized they should be at our house, I call to find out that Emily is waiting at the gate for a person in front of her to unlock it, and who should be behind her but Josh and Larry. It was pretty funny hearing the play-by-play of what was happening but I felt bad for being so forgetful. So, apparently what tipped Larry off was the seeing little Austin laughing and running into the apartment. :) It still was alot of fun and we got to have yummy ice cream cake and play Spades. (which Emily and I totally kicked butt in, btw....hehhehehe...)

So now, after 23 years, Larry finally has his dart frogs, which defines him as a real man. (or so he thinks) ;)


Janice said...

How cool! I'm glad the party and the family outing were hits! I love your family!

Ruth Worthington said...

Sounds like a great birthday! I love the frogs, too - maybe thats the pet we should get because I dont want the poop clean-up either!

Abby O! said...

The frogs are sooooo cute! WOOT for frogs! I'm excited to see them in person...someday...when we go out to CO and see you...yeah...Are you bringing them with you for Christmas?! Or are they going to sit at home in your cold apartment and freeze and starve to death? That's sad that you would do that to those cute little frogs. PS I showed the pics to like 5 people and everyone but CJ was creeped out. I think CJ has a "I won't be scared" complex. (OH! Whatever! It's a dumb orb says CJ reading over my shoulder). I think it's freaky so whatev to him and his whatever! :P

heidigoseek said...

happy birthday Larry! how the heck are you only 23?? i'm old enough to be your big sister!!

Kent said...

Happy Birthday Larry. I had my 23rd birthday 37 years ago. I can't even remember what it was like.

PS I enjoyed both of your talks today.

Brother V.