Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emily!!

Have you ever met Emily Eliason? If not, you really should. She is one of the kindest, sweetest and most considerate person you'll ever meet. I have been so lucky to call her friend for the past year, and have learned so much from her.

Such as: if you go outside to sunbath creepers will always be there to gawk, there is a way to salvage a waterlogged ipod, the best wontons are in St. Louis, running is the best therapy, you can make a cute sundress out of an old button shirt, sheets are the best costumes..ever..even if the kids don't think so, windex cleans anything, highschool musical is addictive...and I will rocks, no matter where you go there is always someone with a phone(or email) and drama, a good loaf of bread is excellent on a bad day, and even though Emily makes it look so effortless, running a 6min. mile, making noodles from scratch, making doughnuts, and diy projects are not easy.

Emily, thankyou so much for the friendship you have given me. It is so nice to always have you there, even if it's just talking at the park. I always am so grateful for the support and love you give to me and my family. Thankyou for being such a good role model to me in being a mother, living life without stressing over everything, standing up for yourself, and being a good friend. I am so grateful that we met you guys on our first sunday here and even more grateful that our quirks didn't scare ya'll too much. ;)

I hope you have a Happy Birthday...oh...the babies have a surprise for case you read this before you come back.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a side note-but to go along with Emily bday, here are the pics from the her pj-tea party. Ruth, thankyou again for all the help and the awesome idea of the cake bites! Those babies are YUUMMMY!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Virginia...

For my birthday (and was in January, but we're celebrating it late this year. :) ) Larry, Kirsten and Tim got me the present of having a vacation without an Edana, and running my first half marathon.

To fly in a plane without your own child crying in your lap is heaven. I would highly suggest this leisure activity to any weary mother.
I landed in Norfolk at 5pm and was greeted by an excited Kirsten and a not-so-sure-who-this-crazy-lady-is Malcolm. I was so overwhelmed with how much had changed in just these two, within only a year, I knew that more was to come. I kept telling Kirsten how I felt like I either woke up from a coma and everyone was still them...just older and wiser, or I had some Colorado dream and I was back in my VA life.

We then headed to the Runner's Expo to sign up for our Halfmarathon that was in two days and took moments to take some fun pictures of the Expo scene. From oversized golden coins, to underwear saying "In my dreams, I'm Kenyan" it was definately something to experience.

We met Tim in the parkinglot, where he drove up on his cool new motorcycle and showed me that he was indeed growing out his dreads! I'm still jealous and maybe one day my albino-zulu heritage will work on my side to get my own.

Can you believe it, Malcolm walks??! I couldn't. It was so frustrating but fun to see this full grown toddler. I feel like I've missed out on so much, but know that , that is the beauty of life: people don't stop growing and learning when you're away. I had so much fun playing with this little boy. I have yet to see his cool dancing moves, since he wouldn't perform for me, but I was able to see just how much he has grown. From saying "More" and "Hi", to bolting away from surprising things (such as bubblewrap), to eating a whole piece of pizza himself, to holding his breath underwater in the pool and wanting so badly to just swim on his own. I can't believe that only a year ago I was holding this tiny little guy, amazed of the miracle baby that he was.

I enjoyed playing and spending time with this little stud.
The next day was all fun and games, starting with Tim's french toast. Seriously...I requested this. It's that good. We then went swimming at the YMCA (and I fell in love with the idea where people will watch your baby for 2 hours while you work out!), ate at an awesome burrito place where these things were literally the size of your head, and then headed on over to another dear friend of mine, Tamara.

On to the marathon! After LOADS of water, carbs, and sleep, Kirsten, her friend Sara and I were soooo ready for this! It was such an awesome experience, and whenever I tell people about it, I usually get a crazy look or act like I'm pulling their leg when I say, "IT WAS AMAZING!!!" I've never felt so excited/nervous, lighter than air, exhilirated, and just plain happy to be there, especially considering the 13 miles! It went by so quickly and I have been finding myself a hankering for more. I'm guessing that's the runner's high everyone kept trying to tell me about. It's great. I wrote a more detailed description of the run here.

Though my trip was short, I wouldn't have wanted it anyother way. It was such an amazing thing to experience how sync two people can be, even miles apart. Kirsten and I were right at the exact running level, and it's almost as though we had trained together.

I am so grateful for the trip my friends and hubby gave me. I am so grateful for all my Virgina family and all the inspiration I am always left with from these wonderful people.

I came home with a determination to: cook(Tim),workout(Kirsten),keep going to school(Tamara), enjoy precious moments(Malcolm), not let anyone else determine what/who you are(Kirsten), not bite my nails(Tim) and to just continue to grow and learn (all).

I heart you, Virginia, because you are where some of the best people in this life are

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Goodbye Larry...hello again love

For the past almost two weeks, Larry was out in Sam Houston, TX for some military training, leaving us girls to fend for ourselves.

What did we do?

Bowling, of course.

Edana's new favorite game is bowling with our old empty fruitsnack and cereal boxes. It's my favorite because it was a cheap toy!

Between cleaning the house, doing laundry, running (half marathon coming up!),clipping coupons(yes, I've become that mom),

eating many of Arby's free sandwiches (blue bacon is the BEST),

dancing the nights away,

making bows (thankyou Katie and Emily),

and finding my camera in Edana's room...

I've had my share of fun for these two weeks.

I never realize the full extent of how much easier things are when Larry is home, until he is gone. I am so grateful to have this sexy man back home. Life is good again.