Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emily!!

Have you ever met Emily Eliason? If not, you really should. She is one of the kindest, sweetest and most considerate person you'll ever meet. I have been so lucky to call her friend for the past year, and have learned so much from her.

Such as: if you go outside to sunbath creepers will always be there to gawk, there is a way to salvage a waterlogged ipod, the best wontons are in St. Louis, running is the best therapy, you can make a cute sundress out of an old button shirt, sheets are the best costumes..ever..even if the kids don't think so, windex cleans anything, highschool musical is addictive...and I will rocks, no matter where you go there is always someone with a phone(or email) and drama, a good loaf of bread is excellent on a bad day, and even though Emily makes it look so effortless, running a 6min. mile, making noodles from scratch, making doughnuts, and diy projects are not easy.

Emily, thankyou so much for the friendship you have given me. It is so nice to always have you there, even if it's just talking at the park. I always am so grateful for the support and love you give to me and my family. Thankyou for being such a good role model to me in being a mother, living life without stressing over everything, standing up for yourself, and being a good friend. I am so grateful that we met you guys on our first sunday here and even more grateful that our quirks didn't scare ya'll too much. ;)

I hope you have a Happy Birthday...oh...the babies have a surprise for case you read this before you come back.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a side note-but to go along with Emily bday, here are the pics from the her pj-tea party. Ruth, thankyou again for all the help and the awesome idea of the cake bites! Those babies are YUUMMMY!


The Eliason Family said...

My dear Jen, Thank you so much for my birthday blog post and for my tea party. Everything was perfect. You made me tear up reading your post. (I'm not hard core anymore, dang it!)Thank you for being my friend. You are the first best friend I've had in about 4 years. I'm glad Josh and I didn't scare you away your first Sunday here. We were just so excited for new friends. Even better you live close! I love you Jen!

Scanlon Family said...

Your trip to VA looks like it was awesome! I'm glad you've found a great hobby to give you that high! Jason and I were also talking about how great it is that you've made such amazing friends. I mean, how could you not-you're amazing. We miss you and can't wait to see you . . . when would that be again? Jason's leaving a comment too, but I'm not sure where . . . good luck. :)

Scanlon Family said...

Jen, it's Jason here. I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of my little sister. After reading your last two blogs, it hit me how kind, heartfelt, and sweet you have become. I know, growing up you always were, but you have matured and developed an amazing ability to convey your feelings in a very tangible way. You are also showing me up big-time with your running accomplishments. While I have never really relished the pain of running, I always prided myself on being able to run most any distance without stopping for a break...but 6.5 miles is the longest I have ever done. Time for me to break in my running shoes again! I love you, Jen, and am proud to call myself your brother.

Allie has been begging to type in her name, so here she goes:


Abby O! said...

Oh my goodness, Emily sounded like such an amazing woman and now having meet her I know it's true! It was so great to meet you, Emily, and thanks so much for my amazingly cute diaper bag! I'm so FREAKING excited to pack it up and get to use it! You are one talented, beautiful woman whom I'm grateful to have met! :D