Friday, October 31, 2008

My Halloween!!!!!!!!!

As much as I want to be watching a scary movie all cuddle up to Larry right now, I wanted to take the time to actually write a post on the day it was meant for; Halloween!

Alas, I don't have any cute pics. of little Edana in her costume this year, or her friends, Austin and Anaya whom we went trick-or-treating with tonight (I always forget the camera on these kind of days) but I can improvise.

Ode to my Halloween; the best holiday that's out there. Hooray for the spooks and ghouls gliding down the streets. Hooray for the glowing grins of the jack o'laterns leading the way. Hooray for the crisp leaves crunching underfoot. I LOVE Halloween. I love the creepy feeling the cold night air brings, as you get ready for a night where you have no idea what you'll cross.

My choice of costume this year? Emily Strange. Need I say more?

Edana? Well, originally was suppose to be a spider, but decided she would rather be Tinkerbell today. But that's ok. She was probably the cutest Tinkerbell I've seen.

We started the nightout by going downtown Old Colorado, where all of the businesses were handing out candy. Who knew EVERYONE in ColoradoSprings would be there? Seriously. I don't think any of the political campains out there have seen crowds like this. Maybe Obama and McCain should consider handing out candy...if only that weren't strange and creepy...

*Promise my only and last political reference in this blog*

It was alot of fun to see all of the fun costumes and to load up on candy! Amazing! It's still a fun holiday, even as a parent! I was telling my friend, Emily, how I would have never imagined myself walking my own kid around door-to-door trying to teach her how to trick-or-treat. It's so weird when I get those overwhelming moments of "I'm a mom". But really, it's kind of nice too.

We then went out to Fountain and hit a bunch of houses out there. Within five minutes of it, Edana encountered a man with a mask and was traumatized for the rest of the night. Though, I think the giving her a sucker thing worked...for awhile. It was alot of fun to go out and really experience Halloween the way Larry and I did it as kids. It so disheartening to realize that trick-or-treating is almost a thing of the past and trunk-or-treats are the future for our children. The things they get jipped out of because of selfish people who would rather pervert these holidays than celebrate them. Boo to them.

So, now as I wrap up this silly blog (since Larry is urging me to join him and his movie) I just wanted to let you all know how much I love this holiday and even if people may think it's evil or commericialized (a justified "duh" inserted here) I would like to say how could this be evil if it makes such a vast majority of people (mostly children!) happy?! I love it!

And just to my daddy...I'm not sure how much you read this, but tonight I miss you so much! I miss the man that gave me my love for this amazing holiday. I wish so badly that I could be there with you scaring the crap out of neighborhood kids! Boy, do I ever!! I miss having this day together that you and I shared, when the rest of the family seemed to sort of just blow it off. It may have been a grand day today, but it would have been so much better to me if you were here. I miss you so much today. I love you, dad.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Part Two of the "To Utah and back saga"-To Abby

Ha! So I've haven't been good at playing catch-up with these blogs. Ah, well. I actually would have forgotten completely if it wasn't for my sister-in-law Abby, who seemed so sad about my lack of family pictures. I feel real bad about it to and have to insert in here, no it's not because any of you are boring or that I don't love you as much, it's because while in Utah I was so overwhelmed with what was going on that I only took three pictures the whole time I was there! :( And here they are:

While driving out to UT, I kept receiving phone calls from Larry's parents asking when I would get there and such. I thought that their interest was in that they were waiting to see Edana and spend sometime with her and me, which in itself was true, but what I hadn't been told by my parents was that they didn't have room for me because they were demolishing the basement and redoing it while I was there watching the boys for them. So, I'd again like to apologize for the lack of communication there and reassure them that if I had know the whole situation they would have heard much more from me!
Wait! Why was I there?-a question that I heard from many while there and when I came back, since I didn't tell people the reason, I just kind of left. Yep. I'm that big of a recluse I guess.
The whole reason I went out was because my mom had asked if I would come out to UT to help the boys out with anything while my parents went to Italy for their anniversary/birthday celebrations. But what I wasn't informed until I got there was that there would be big burly construction workers walking in and out of the house while I was there and that I needed to check and make sure they were doing what they were suppose to.
So, here's a great mental imagine for you all: Short Jen with a stack of notes she took earlier from her dad (about the construction that was to be done) telling a huge guy (seriously, this guy looked like he almost had to duck for the ceiling) named Jake what things he still needed to do and asking him what time he would show up the next day. Kind of funny, huh?
But I did have fun staying at my in-laws and getting to hangout with them. And we finally got Edana use to everyone! She's finally doing great with other people...sort of. The first picture up top is Edana with one of her new cousins, Lizzy, whom I got to watch while her daddy was shooting a movie for one of his film classes.
The next two pictures would be pics I promised to take for Kirsten of my "I'm becoming my mother" day I had. *To make the story short: I had been trying to figure out why every time I used the dishwasher, I found the soap packet lying on the bottom of the washer, untouched. Silly me, thinking that the water didn't work to dissolve it, I grabbed every dish my parents owned (since I didn't know which ones the boys had washed those few days before) and washed them all by hand. It wasn't until after the dishes were all cleaned that it was brought to my attention by either Brandon or Abby ( I can't remember who told me) that the plastic hadn't been taken off of the soap. durhf!
To make the trip even more fun was my two brothers. How my mom handles these two teens I will never know, but after this I really look up to her! While I was "babysitting" these two boys, I: found myself helping one with an English project due the next day! Was yelled at for not taking the other to work. Was continuously sighed and eyes rolled at, and compared to my mother. I was at one point compared to "the devil" and realized that I wasn't a person they wanted to hangout with....hmmm...what fun.
So, to some up my trip, it was long, fun/stressful, glad to have seen everyone, but so glad to be home kind of trip.
ps-To Abby: Dearest, I wish I would have taken more photos and if I had I would have Definitely included the whole family in them, I was just a loser and didn't even think about it. I suck, and I'm sorry!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boo to the phone companies!

So today was my day to finally contact AT&T about my cracked/broken/water damaged/ will only charge if you hold the cord just right phone. I hate dealing with phone company's probably just as much as going to the dentist...which I'm still overdue on...oops! Why is it that these phone companies love to just keep on sending you to person after person after person? I've been at this for almost two hours now and have STILL not gotten the issue solve that even though I pay for this supposed insurance monthly, they keep telling me it's not on my account and the company that takes my money isn't AT&T affiliated. But wait, didn't the AT&T store offer us this great deal on insurance in the first place??? I feel like someone has just sucker-punched me in the nose and the pain is slowly traveling to my entire brain.

I hate phone companies.

I took this picture to make sure my face was indeed still't I glad I've been going around in public today? ick.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The many talents of Allie

I decided that I really had to make a blog just for cute little Allie and the cute things I got to see her do while she was visiting with us. Her recent songs she loves are all of the ABBA songs in Mamma Mia! . Just watch:

I love how she even stops just to blow her bubbles, and then continues the song. It makes me smile.

Another cute thing she did while she was here was taking pictures with my camera and then laughing hysterically at the subjects she just took photos of:

I call it, "Still Life: Cookies and shoes" by Alexus Scanlon

So AbsTraCt, no?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Part One of the "to Utah and back" sega

These last few weeks have been busy ones for us Eyrings, so to make blog purusing easier, I'm splitting this up instead of making a HUGE blog.

The last week in September we were excited to invite Jason, Andrea and the girls to come visit us for the week! Did we show them all the Colorado Springs sites like Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak or even Manitou Springs?? Ummm..ahem...not really, but we did show them the zoo! (Totally Larry's idea; I'm not at blame). I really think they enjoyed it, though. They were able to see all the fun spots: feeding giraffe's and budgies, watching the bears swim around, riding the ponies and even helping water (?) the frogs. Larry LOVED showing off "his" zoo. I swear the zoo should be paying him as a tour guide or something.

We then were added in numbers, since our Aunt had to go out to UT, so we offered to watch her two kids while she drove out there. So, the grand total was six, yes, six kids and four adults(well, actually five kids and a baby). Thank goodness for the larger apartment! I'm not sure where everyone would have fit if we still had a one bedroom!
We then courageously took all six kids to the Focus on the Family Museum where they have cute themed playrooms for the kids to go berserk in. It Actually it really was, but the whole losing a child and then the buying-a-whole-pizza-for-kids-who-chanted-for-it-but-then-didn't-eat-it part was kind of disheartening.

I then enjoyed cute little Allie singing all of her cute ABBA tunes. I love being in a theatrical family. It means that the kids know all these fun showtunes that turn out really cute when done by a child. :) I love it! I think I will make a blog just for Allie.
We really loved having our family come and stay with us. Hopefully we can persuade them to come again. ?? We'll see. Though we'll have to promise that no other children will be here and probably throw in a large pint of Peanut Butter icecream to seal the deal.