Sunday, October 19, 2008

Part One of the "to Utah and back" sega

These last few weeks have been busy ones for us Eyrings, so to make blog purusing easier, I'm splitting this up instead of making a HUGE blog.

The last week in September we were excited to invite Jason, Andrea and the girls to come visit us for the week! Did we show them all the Colorado Springs sites like Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak or even Manitou Springs?? Ummm..ahem...not really, but we did show them the zoo! (Totally Larry's idea; I'm not at blame). I really think they enjoyed it, though. They were able to see all the fun spots: feeding giraffe's and budgies, watching the bears swim around, riding the ponies and even helping water (?) the frogs. Larry LOVED showing off "his" zoo. I swear the zoo should be paying him as a tour guide or something.

We then were added in numbers, since our Aunt had to go out to UT, so we offered to watch her two kids while she drove out there. So, the grand total was six, yes, six kids and four adults(well, actually five kids and a baby). Thank goodness for the larger apartment! I'm not sure where everyone would have fit if we still had a one bedroom!
We then courageously took all six kids to the Focus on the Family Museum where they have cute themed playrooms for the kids to go berserk in. It Actually it really was, but the whole losing a child and then the buying-a-whole-pizza-for-kids-who-chanted-for-it-but-then-didn't-eat-it part was kind of disheartening.

I then enjoyed cute little Allie singing all of her cute ABBA tunes. I love being in a theatrical family. It means that the kids know all these fun showtunes that turn out really cute when done by a child. :) I love it! I think I will make a blog just for Allie.
We really loved having our family come and stay with us. Hopefully we can persuade them to come again. ?? We'll see. Though we'll have to promise that no other children will be here and probably throw in a large pint of Peanut Butter icecream to seal the deal.


Janice said...

It sounds like you had some adventures!! That is great fun! Check out my blog sometime if you want - I try to update on what we are up to too!

Abby O! said...

Sad day...not one of your pics contains me and/or mags and/or CJ and/or the parentals...we must be the boring side of your family. ;) It was so fun to have you here though! Seriously...I miss you. I almost called you twice this last week to hangout. :P