Friday, October 31, 2008

My Halloween!!!!!!!!!

As much as I want to be watching a scary movie all cuddle up to Larry right now, I wanted to take the time to actually write a post on the day it was meant for; Halloween!

Alas, I don't have any cute pics. of little Edana in her costume this year, or her friends, Austin and Anaya whom we went trick-or-treating with tonight (I always forget the camera on these kind of days) but I can improvise.

Ode to my Halloween; the best holiday that's out there. Hooray for the spooks and ghouls gliding down the streets. Hooray for the glowing grins of the jack o'laterns leading the way. Hooray for the crisp leaves crunching underfoot. I LOVE Halloween. I love the creepy feeling the cold night air brings, as you get ready for a night where you have no idea what you'll cross.

My choice of costume this year? Emily Strange. Need I say more?

Edana? Well, originally was suppose to be a spider, but decided she would rather be Tinkerbell today. But that's ok. She was probably the cutest Tinkerbell I've seen.

We started the nightout by going downtown Old Colorado, where all of the businesses were handing out candy. Who knew EVERYONE in ColoradoSprings would be there? Seriously. I don't think any of the political campains out there have seen crowds like this. Maybe Obama and McCain should consider handing out candy...if only that weren't strange and creepy...

*Promise my only and last political reference in this blog*

It was alot of fun to see all of the fun costumes and to load up on candy! Amazing! It's still a fun holiday, even as a parent! I was telling my friend, Emily, how I would have never imagined myself walking my own kid around door-to-door trying to teach her how to trick-or-treat. It's so weird when I get those overwhelming moments of "I'm a mom". But really, it's kind of nice too.

We then went out to Fountain and hit a bunch of houses out there. Within five minutes of it, Edana encountered a man with a mask and was traumatized for the rest of the night. Though, I think the giving her a sucker thing worked...for awhile. It was alot of fun to go out and really experience Halloween the way Larry and I did it as kids. It so disheartening to realize that trick-or-treating is almost a thing of the past and trunk-or-treats are the future for our children. The things they get jipped out of because of selfish people who would rather pervert these holidays than celebrate them. Boo to them.

So, now as I wrap up this silly blog (since Larry is urging me to join him and his movie) I just wanted to let you all know how much I love this holiday and even if people may think it's evil or commericialized (a justified "duh" inserted here) I would like to say how could this be evil if it makes such a vast majority of people (mostly children!) happy?! I love it!

And just to my daddy...I'm not sure how much you read this, but tonight I miss you so much! I miss the man that gave me my love for this amazing holiday. I wish so badly that I could be there with you scaring the crap out of neighborhood kids! Boy, do I ever!! I miss having this day together that you and I shared, when the rest of the family seemed to sort of just blow it off. It may have been a grand day today, but it would have been so much better to me if you were here. I miss you so much today. I love you, dad.


heidigoseek said...

candy. scary movies. what's not to love??

Abby O! said...

Ahhh...the cool air, the sent of sugar on the air, weird people in masks and cute kiddies in colorful costumes! I wish I could've seen you as Emily and Edana as tinkerbell (much more Rella btw). I'm so glad you had a happy really is the BEST holiday EVER! :)

GreenEva said...

I must say - you have a great eye for photography! :)