Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Cabin Fever Posts..

Here's number one at least.

Since being stuck inside with oh, so fun sicknesses, Edana has been finding interesting ways to entertain herself.

While mommy was finishing her midterm report, she decided to cook dinner for her...

..When asked what she was cooking, she replied, "Dogfood." Not sure if she was implying something...

And here's a proud mommy moment.

I came into the living room this morning with papers strewn EVERYWHERE. Silly me had left a stack of papers out and Edana decided to decorate the floor with them. As I was picking them up I saw these: Mind you, anytime I would ask Edana to draw me something up to this point, she would scribble some lines and hand the paper over.

At first I thought maybe Larry had been doodling with Edana the night before, but as I picked up the papers, EVERY paper had one of these cute little "people" on them.

Why this made me so happy, despite another element to a messy house, who knows. Maybe my fondness of drawing myself. But yay, she actually focused and drew a picture!

*Yes. I admit. I kept two of them and stuck them in her photo album. What can I say. I'm a cheesy-sentimental mom.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Things To Life

It's amazing how hectic life can really be.

There are so many things I feel like I should catch up on with our little family

Like our little girl's new fascination with becoming a "baby doctor"...

Or the cute little playmate we are so lucky to have a couple of times during the week.

Or when one of my best friends, since third grade, came out to visit.

Or about the time we played in California with family and meet ALL of the Princesses. (well, almost all but that could become a large debate..)

Or that our bearded dragons had TWO sets of clutches; the full egg count being 39!

Or even that we are expecting our next addition to our family this coming fall....

Now if only I could blog about all of these things....