Sunday, August 24, 2008

Photo shoot

Today I was bit by the "kirsten banks bug" least that's what I've decided to refer to it as. I realized that since Edana has been born, there are only a few photo's that I'm actually in (since Larry refrains from picking up the camera unless a reptile is near) so I decided to go crazy and take millions of pictures without any child or daddy nearby. But I then came to realize, that once Edana started messing around with the camera and joining in with momma, the pictures just looked a whole lot better. It's amazing how your kids can bring out the real smile in you and even if you look dorky or have some crazy eye thing going on, it doesn't matter, because a cute kid is sitting nearby looking adorable. Not fair. They don't even have to try!

I had to add the pictures of Edana with her "horsey".This is the sad box horse I made for her because since our trip to WY she has been OBSESSED with horses. It makes me smile. And she is becoming more of a girly-girl than her mother ever was, by turning in circles saying, "I rella! I rella!" *meaning "I Cinderella". She loves wearing dresses and momma's high heels. I'll have to add the videos at some point. Hee hee. Poor kid. I exploit all that she ever says and does.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I almost forgot....

Silly me. I never even put up the pictures from our recent trip to Utah and Wyoming. Both of which were so much fun.

We were able to go and enjoy our new little editions to our family: Kyra and Elizabeth! They are so cute! It still is so weird for me to see Spence and Deb as parents...not quite Andrea and Jason anymore, but there are times when I still can't believe that either! ;)

It has been so nice to be so much closer to our families, and are always so grateful for the love and support they willingly give us.

The Rasmussen Reunion was a blast and am so glad we were able to go to this reunion. It was really hard for us to figure out which reunions to attend this year, and still hope that feelings aren't hurt in the end decisions.

Jen overcame one of her (many) fears of very large animals and actually rode a horse...and liked it! Now if only the fear of ET could be confronted in this non-threatening sort of way...

Edana sat on a horse, after much coaxing and finally just sticking her on one. (Though we aren't entirely sure if she actually enjoyed it.)
It was fun getting to know everyone at the reunion and seeing everyone with their guards down during the skits (especially the Stone Family. Hilarious!) Again, we are so lucky with the families we have and love them all so much! Here's to you!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Larry's Week-Long "Party"

Hurray! Finally our Larry is home from his week-long "party", as Jen refers to it. In all actuality, it turned out to be a training conference as well as a getting-to-know-you for all of the Rocky Mt. branches.
The week started for him in a VERY cramped 15 passenger van for 6 long hours to Albuquerque,NM. All were awaiting this "four star" hotel when sadly, as it always seems to go, it wasn't so. But it was NEXT to a four star hotel! Larry said he was greeted by a roomful of flies and the hallway's had leaks coming down from the ceilings.

For the next three days, he was scheduled to eat a "hot" (aka...lukewarm) breakfast at 6:00 am followed by training until lunch, and then some more training until dinner.....Followed by training until usually 8:30pm.

So while everyone sojourned to the bar to use up their drink tickets, Larry gladly traded his tickets for sour worms, sodas, $2, and then gave one as a birthday gift; and then continued to his room where he passed the time playing all the gameboy he wanted and watched Discovery Channel. (*note: jen inserts the "party" Larry's terms)

For the last day in New Mexico, they had an "O" day, which is a day basically to have all the ACTUAL fun. They enjoyed themselves outdoors by running 3 miles, playing volleyball, kickball, three legged race, water balloon toss, and preparing skits for that night's dinner. He really had alot of fun this day, but came back with a bad battle wound...a sunburn.
The night progressed with all of them dressing in an Army tux and bow tie, preforming skits, and for those poor men that forgot parts of their uniform, a drink from the Grog.

The Grog: a mixture of whipped cream, hot sauce, tomato juice, sierra mist, crushed graham crackers, sliced beets and onions, and a mixture of spices. All of which Larry says had some sort of symbolism (I personally just call it an excuse for their craziness.) And much to his demise, Larry was one of those poor men that had to drink this concoction. :)

Then, he was back in the van and headed for home, where Jen and Edana had all sorts of adventures themselves, but sadly had no camera since the only one we have went with Larry.

We are so glad to have our Larry home and I could never imagine just what it would be like to be a single parent full time. I really look up to those, whom have had to do it.

*For any of you curious as to what happened with us girls alone at home, I give you a teaser: Edana taking a bath, and tossing toys out for mommy to chase, but the next thing mommy knows, it's not toys that she is tossing!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What if we never failed?

I've been trying my best to keep myself active and healthy with and have also tried my hardest to complete the tasks they suggest daily. Today's task was to write a blog on the subject, "If you could never fail, what would you do?" Instead of posting it on sparkpeople, where, truth be told, I have no friends there, I wanted to share this with the people I care most about and encourage you to do the same. Really think about it. What would YOU do if you knew you could never fail??

Jen's List:
#1. Run a full marathon
#2. Try out for the olympics
#3. Go actual rockclimbing (instead of a gym)
#4. Walk up to a random person and share what I've gained from being a member of the LDS church and God's love for us all
#5. Get my major (or diploma) in all the silly subjects I've wanted to try: interior design, art, drama, english,culinary art, journalism, nutrition, sports medicine, massage therapist, hair dresser, mechanic, graphic designer (work for Sims) ;).
#6. Explore a different country without having to go along with a tourist group.
#7. Paint a masterpiece
#8. Write a book that actually gets published
#9. Be the mom my daughter will turn to when she is having problems
#10. Speak my mind
#11. Be in a band
#12. Be happy all the time
#13.Be completely prepared to return to Heavenly Father