Sunday, August 24, 2008

Photo shoot

Today I was bit by the "kirsten banks bug" least that's what I've decided to refer to it as. I realized that since Edana has been born, there are only a few photo's that I'm actually in (since Larry refrains from picking up the camera unless a reptile is near) so I decided to go crazy and take millions of pictures without any child or daddy nearby. But I then came to realize, that once Edana started messing around with the camera and joining in with momma, the pictures just looked a whole lot better. It's amazing how your kids can bring out the real smile in you and even if you look dorky or have some crazy eye thing going on, it doesn't matter, because a cute kid is sitting nearby looking adorable. Not fair. They don't even have to try!

I had to add the pictures of Edana with her "horsey".This is the sad box horse I made for her because since our trip to WY she has been OBSESSED with horses. It makes me smile. And she is becoming more of a girly-girl than her mother ever was, by turning in circles saying, "I rella! I rella!" *meaning "I Cinderella". She loves wearing dresses and momma's high heels. I'll have to add the videos at some point. Hee hee. Poor kid. I exploit all that she ever says and does.


Abby O! said...

I freaking love those pics! You are so beautiful! No wonder Edana's such a doll! :D

The Eliason Family said...

Cute pics Jen! Oh, and I love your shirt. :) You should bring over the horsey box and our kids can race in the family room!

Scanlon Family said...

I'm impressed with the horse. I just tell my kids to sit on the arm of the couch and say "Ride 'em Cowgirl!" You look beautiful in the pictures Jen-of course you're always beautiful . . . even with hot pink hair.