Saturday, September 24, 2011

All Things In Moderation-revised :)

Hooray for the lovely and brilliant Abby Olsen! Here is the blog that I could not copy and paste, if any were interested.
Thankyou so much Abby! I was having issues ...obviously. ;)

Once again this blog is sliding to the wayside.
In all honesty, most of the well intentioned projects I have started are sitting on the side lines as well.
I have come to a huge realization. I am an “all or nothing” person. I have said this in the past but I don’t think I have ever stopped to really consider what that means, what I can gain from that or more importantly what I can lose.
I apologize for the contemplative blog. There will be only one picture this time, so if you are in for some reading, by all means join me in my tangent.

“All things in moderation.” This musters up images of being on the internet, watching tv, playing video games (which I will admit caused this realization of mine) or eating. I have never considered that this term “moderation” would apply to such things that I find productive: preparing for our upcoming home school, organizing my home, cleaning my home, budgeting, spending time with hubby, baking, exercising, etc,etc. I realized that not only does my late night “binge” of playing a silly video game (causing not only frustration by lack of sleep but also another “project” that won’t be completed) qualify as a distraction but these other things that I have been busying myself with have distracted me from some many other facets of my life. But most importantly, my relationships.
I am sorry to you reading this, since everyone that I can think of that may continue reading would fall under this category…
I have realized that I become so obsessed with my projects, that I forget that I have friends and family that I have not talked to or heard from in so long. It reminds me of a talk that was given once, where a man had stated that if he was to find a sin for the Latter Day Saints to be distracted with, it would be to keep them busy.
I am such a person. I won’t do things because I know that if I do, I will become distracted. Writing this blog: a distraction from dishes, reading another home school book, folding clothes, and taking a 20min nap.
I am so fallible to distractions, tangents, projects and every day worries that I have forgotten that the wonderful people in my life mean so much more than all of these silly, of-the-moment things.
I ready to try moderation. It sounds like maybe it will be liberating. 
Though I did just try it with this blog and I have been editing and un-editing this now for the last hour. Sigh.
On another random note: here is the one picture.

Larry and I on our 6th anniversary date.
Because of Larry’s love for John Wayne we had a “True Grit” themed day. Breakfast was grits (Larry made fun of me for the literal way I had taken the movie title), we played disc golf with my own twist on the game, namely us doing crazy things dressed as we are in the above picture. We then went home and watched the new True Grit. Then ended with us going to Flying W Ranch (which was pretty lame, so we got our money back and went to HU HOTS…LOVE IT!) We then ended the night by having our own shoot out with nerf guns. I feel so lucky to have this handsome man at my side. It is so comforting to know that I can always turn to him when I need someone to talk to, cry to, laugh with and even just hug. I love you so much Larry. Thankyou so much for these 6 years. I can't wait for the rest!!

Anyways, this was the only picture I got of us because our camera officially died. Seriously. The camera fell, shattered and then made these pitiful clicking noises before completely turning off. At least the date made up for it. :)

Sigh and cry. I will finally go finish my silly dishes now. :(