Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall in Korea

The season is gorgeous right now.

I love fall. Always have and I believe always will.

We went out to Seoul Forest to get our taste of fall trees.

It may not really be a forest but considering the lack of green in the city, it might as well be.

Another plus, there was art to look at here!

Some of the art seemed to even gaze back.

The kids got a chance to play in the leaves.

Mom and Dad got a chance to play and look on.
It is so beautiful experiencing life here through their eyes.

It is so beautiful knowing that even though we are almost a whole world away from those we love,

we get to experience the same seasons at the same time!

                             My heart of full of gratitude this season.

                                                                                 I am grateful to explore with my family.


 Seeing familiar things

 and new things.  

                                                   This life we get to live is pretty neat.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Bike Rides and Ninja Turtles

The Eyring Adventures have settled down some as each family member is going through their turn of the foreigner flu:a two-three week long episode of coughs, fevers, grumpies and no energy.
Despite this, we still needed to get out. So we have attempted some small bike rides around our block. The "attempt" part is due to the fact that riding bikes on most of the roads in Seoul is pretty nerve racking. I wasn't able to capture the side streets where cars were packed going and coming-due to having to save Eddie from a few run ins! The traffic here really gets overwhelming but we still are grateful to get to experience this.
This is a larger road close to our villa that connects us to where some shops are

Eddie rockin his strider. People get a kick out of his bike here.

The weather has been beautiful here and the fog/smog has been lifting off of the city. I think it is from some heavy rainfalls we have had (monsoons!) Here is a clear view of the city across from where we are in Dongbinggo-dong.
On one of Larry's latest adventures with Edana ended up with them bringing home to little members of our family: April and Michelangelo.

Ethan constantly has to see these little guys and Eddie is super proud of HIS "ninja turtles".

Edana is pretty hooked too. They all must be daddy's kids. ;)
 With the amount of time at home we have accomplished more putting our house together, almost have our homeschool year underway(!), built a number of creations out of cardboard boxes, learned some more Korean phrases, figured out how to use all of our Korean appliances, attempted our first phone delivery for food (fail, will try again), had monster matches, lots of naps  and so much more fun that mom is incredibly tired and wondering when she will get better so she function back to normal.
Until our next adventure! We love you all!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Getting lost and new adventures!

 We have been working hard at trying to find a new home this past week and we are happy to announce that we will be moving in two days! Next post will be more about that, but during our search for a place to live we have been making an effort in getting out and exploring. It's hard to find a distance that doesn't wear out our kids. They really really really do not like walking. By the end of these two years, they should be pro walkers-right?

We decided to stick closer to the base this time around and went exploring at the IPark Mall, which is very close-maybe 3/4 mile away-from the base.

It is very overwhelming at times when we realize how out of place we really are. The first thing that caught our eye was this little girl near the entrance, playing a DDR for hands game. The thing that we thought was super cool was that she had this large bin filled with little gems. She would put the gems on the game board and it would change the characters clothing, hair, game play, least we think it did. She did it all very quickly probably because 5 waygooks (foreigners) were standing around her watching. I'm sure her parents thought we were weirdos-so I thought, "Why not make the situation more awkward?" ..a picture I then took.
We then got some chow, and I will admit I have no idea what in the world we ordered. We just chose a family-friendly looking restaurant that had pictures of big portions to share. So if you should know what this dish is called, do share! I didn't think to take a picture of the name between grumpy kids and a bathroom excursion. It was really good though! At least Larry and I thought it was.
The funny thing about our meal is that we weren't sure how to eat it. It took us a moment to realize our silverware/chopsticks were in a drawer on the side of the table and we saw some families pouring sauces on their dishes-but none of our food looked similar. Almost everyone in the room was watching us eat, so I'm fairly certain that we were doing something wrong. The waitress brought our food WITH the check. Yes. We are that family now.

Did I mention how big this mall is? I believe we saw a map of 9 floors high-who knows how wide- and the 5th floor was even the main Seoul Subway station entrance! While going through we saw a billion kids and family members swimming in some pools that had been set up in the middle of the mall. Our kiddos were pretty jealous and stood by longingly.
One of the fun things about Korea is the art work around the city. This is something that I love to find and see in cities, the artwork. I loved the ones we saw in Colorado Springs, Denver, Virginia Beach and the ones here are just as fun and somewhat silly.
Despite some grumpy kids and not getting to really explore as much as we hoped, I came away with my first ttoekboki in Korea!  I love this stuff! Note: this is not for the weak. ESPECIALLY the kind made in Korea! Pretty sure my tongue is still suffering some heat damage.

Eddie had to join in the chopsticks fun! He did pretty good with his grapes!

A couple of nights later, Larry was done being stuck in one bedroom with all of us (Edana came down with a bad virus making us home bound...hotel bound?...for a while- so he took Eddie out on a daddy and Joey adventure. They asked their taxi driver to take them to Dongdaemun Pet Alley. After awhile they were dropped off in a random part of the city that had a couple of pet stores side by side and the taxi left. Larry was pretty nervous since he didn't know where he was just dropped off at and that either the driver didnt' understand Larry or just decided to take him to a random pet store. So while Larry talked with Jen and tried to find his surroundings, he and Eddie explored.
The pet store that only had dogs and cats

The random street they were dropped off at.
 Poor Larry kept trying to find a taxi to hail but compared to the rest of the city, this part of the city was pretty empty and not many taxis went by. So on they walked!

He said that this must have been some sort of motorcycle and scooter way because most of the stores were selling either motorcycles or Vespa's.

Look! A fish!...but at a fish mart, not a pet store...

Squid- 1 foot long!
 While they were walking and looking for a taxi or the subway they came to a beautiful park! Mom was pretty jealous that she missed this part.

 They then came to an older bridge that you could wander underneath to look at.

The boys ended up finding the subway station and were able to find their way home. I think overall it was a fun outing, despite not getting the chance to see the exotics that Larry had wanted. Eddie sure had fun and kept telling Dad that he was "now in Korea!" (we have found out that Korea to Eddie is pagodas, castles and bridges. When we go to the hotel he always whines "AWwww! I wanted to go to Korea!"  If only he knew.

We hope you all are well and will post pictures of our new place once we move in!!