Monday, September 1, 2014

Bike Rides and Ninja Turtles

The Eyring Adventures have settled down some as each family member is going through their turn of the foreigner flu:a two-three week long episode of coughs, fevers, grumpies and no energy.
Despite this, we still needed to get out. So we have attempted some small bike rides around our block. The "attempt" part is due to the fact that riding bikes on most of the roads in Seoul is pretty nerve racking. I wasn't able to capture the side streets where cars were packed going and coming-due to having to save Eddie from a few run ins! The traffic here really gets overwhelming but we still are grateful to get to experience this.
This is a larger road close to our villa that connects us to where some shops are

Eddie rockin his strider. People get a kick out of his bike here.

The weather has been beautiful here and the fog/smog has been lifting off of the city. I think it is from some heavy rainfalls we have had (monsoons!) Here is a clear view of the city across from where we are in Dongbinggo-dong.
On one of Larry's latest adventures with Edana ended up with them bringing home to little members of our family: April and Michelangelo.

Ethan constantly has to see these little guys and Eddie is super proud of HIS "ninja turtles".

Edana is pretty hooked too. They all must be daddy's kids. ;)
 With the amount of time at home we have accomplished more putting our house together, almost have our homeschool year underway(!), built a number of creations out of cardboard boxes, learned some more Korean phrases, figured out how to use all of our Korean appliances, attempted our first phone delivery for food (fail, will try again), had monster matches, lots of naps  and so much more fun that mom is incredibly tired and wondering when she will get better so she function back to normal.
Until our next adventure! We love you all!