Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall in Korea

The season is gorgeous right now.

I love fall. Always have and I believe always will.

We went out to Seoul Forest to get our taste of fall trees.

It may not really be a forest but considering the lack of green in the city, it might as well be.

Another plus, there was art to look at here!

Some of the art seemed to even gaze back.

The kids got a chance to play in the leaves.

Mom and Dad got a chance to play and look on.
It is so beautiful experiencing life here through their eyes.

It is so beautiful knowing that even though we are almost a whole world away from those we love,

we get to experience the same seasons at the same time!

                             My heart of full of gratitude this season.

                                                                                 I am grateful to explore with my family.


 Seeing familiar things

 and new things.  

                                                   This life we get to live is pretty neat.