Friday, August 15, 2008

I almost forgot....

Silly me. I never even put up the pictures from our recent trip to Utah and Wyoming. Both of which were so much fun.

We were able to go and enjoy our new little editions to our family: Kyra and Elizabeth! They are so cute! It still is so weird for me to see Spence and Deb as parents...not quite Andrea and Jason anymore, but there are times when I still can't believe that either! ;)

It has been so nice to be so much closer to our families, and are always so grateful for the love and support they willingly give us.

The Rasmussen Reunion was a blast and am so glad we were able to go to this reunion. It was really hard for us to figure out which reunions to attend this year, and still hope that feelings aren't hurt in the end decisions.

Jen overcame one of her (many) fears of very large animals and actually rode a horse...and liked it! Now if only the fear of ET could be confronted in this non-threatening sort of way...

Edana sat on a horse, after much coaxing and finally just sticking her on one. (Though we aren't entirely sure if she actually enjoyed it.)
It was fun getting to know everyone at the reunion and seeing everyone with their guards down during the skits (especially the Stone Family. Hilarious!) Again, we are so lucky with the families we have and love them all so much! Here's to you!


Scanlon Family said...

Silly girl, how could you forget us! We loved the time we got to spend with you and every few days, the girls ask if we can go to Jen and Larry's for dinner tonight. We have to just keep saying soon-but oh it's coming . . . soon. By the way, the letters it's making me type in spell jglo (or jigilo(not really sure how to spell it))-sort of funny

The Eliason Family said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun on your trip. Looks like fun with the horseback riding! Jen, I'm so proud that you got on the horse!