Saturday, August 9, 2008

Larry's Week-Long "Party"

Hurray! Finally our Larry is home from his week-long "party", as Jen refers to it. In all actuality, it turned out to be a training conference as well as a getting-to-know-you for all of the Rocky Mt. branches.
The week started for him in a VERY cramped 15 passenger van for 6 long hours to Albuquerque,NM. All were awaiting this "four star" hotel when sadly, as it always seems to go, it wasn't so. But it was NEXT to a four star hotel! Larry said he was greeted by a roomful of flies and the hallway's had leaks coming down from the ceilings.

For the next three days, he was scheduled to eat a "hot" (aka...lukewarm) breakfast at 6:00 am followed by training until lunch, and then some more training until dinner.....Followed by training until usually 8:30pm.

So while everyone sojourned to the bar to use up their drink tickets, Larry gladly traded his tickets for sour worms, sodas, $2, and then gave one as a birthday gift; and then continued to his room where he passed the time playing all the gameboy he wanted and watched Discovery Channel. (*note: jen inserts the "party" Larry's terms)

For the last day in New Mexico, they had an "O" day, which is a day basically to have all the ACTUAL fun. They enjoyed themselves outdoors by running 3 miles, playing volleyball, kickball, three legged race, water balloon toss, and preparing skits for that night's dinner. He really had alot of fun this day, but came back with a bad battle wound...a sunburn.
The night progressed with all of them dressing in an Army tux and bow tie, preforming skits, and for those poor men that forgot parts of their uniform, a drink from the Grog.

The Grog: a mixture of whipped cream, hot sauce, tomato juice, sierra mist, crushed graham crackers, sliced beets and onions, and a mixture of spices. All of which Larry says had some sort of symbolism (I personally just call it an excuse for their craziness.) And much to his demise, Larry was one of those poor men that had to drink this concoction. :)

Then, he was back in the van and headed for home, where Jen and Edana had all sorts of adventures themselves, but sadly had no camera since the only one we have went with Larry.

We are so glad to have our Larry home and I could never imagine just what it would be like to be a single parent full time. I really look up to those, whom have had to do it.

*For any of you curious as to what happened with us girls alone at home, I give you a teaser: Edana taking a bath, and tossing toys out for mommy to chase, but the next thing mommy knows, it's not toys that she is tossing!


Scanlon Family said...

Oh yes, those weekends for the boys that leave us all single mothers. That's usually when I'm grateful I have a husband to help and a little ticked that he was able to get away . . . Glad you had fun at bath time :)

Scanlon Family said...

This is me, your brother Jason...In defense of the guys out there ('cause I'm one of them, and we need to stand up for each other) These weekends we 'escape' to may seem like more fun than flying, wet debris of questionable material--but look at the company we have to keep while away...if you ask me, I would rather spend my time with my gorgeous buxom brunette and cute cuddly girls, instead of...
Darnit! I was trying to defend us guys and ended up only fortifying the women! Andrea is sitting next to me, and I blame her influence!

The Eliason Family said...

Larry sounds like your grog drink was tasty! Sorry you had to chase "toys" Jen!

Red said...