Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here's to was short and I'll miss you!

The weather has significantly dropped these last few days and the weatherman predicts snow. So, cheers to my favorite season: Fall! May next year last longer!
And here's a great insert for all the fun fall things we have done this year (and the pics that I forgot to put up!)
Did I mention that we did go to a pumpkin patch this year? No? Yeah, I forgot to put that up. We went out with our friends the Eliason's and had a blast playing on these HUGE slippery slides they had there. Though the large boxes full of pumpkins was not my idea of a real pumpkin patch, I guess in CO you really have to wing-it. But seriously, these slides were the best!

Hands down, Larry and Austin win the "best sliding-position" award....

and Josh I think wins the "best face pulled". :)

We also got a fun family pic. Why Larry is the girl scarecrow and I'm the boy...we're not sure....
And the cute babies wanted to sit on the tractor, so we moms encouraged it (especially if we could get some great pics!)

Then for pumpkin carving! What could be better than pulling the slimy guts out of pumpkins? Not much, in my book. Though everyone else's looked a whole lot better than mine, it

still was an awesome night of pumpkin gutting and making smores in our fireplace!

Fall means the end of the presidential election! It over! Yeah! No more mud-slinging or pointing of fingers! No more silly commercials that play over and over again! This year was my first year to vote. I was so proud of myself that I took a picture with my voting sticker. What I didn't realize was that voting is a kin to taking a test that you haven't studied for. Sure, I was all decided when it came to my vote on presidents and state officials, but amendments...I had no idea. So, sorry to CO if my vote somehow put us back at all. I really didn't know what all the garble said.
Another blessed opportunity with the cold weather, is the excuse of staying inside and being lazy! ;) These days, Edana and I are getting creative in entertaining ourselves. Yestureday, we had a princess picnic, and we dressed ourselves up (as well as her bear. She insisted!) and danced around the house giggling for no reason. I never thought that this would be how I would use this dress, but it's probably better than anything I could have phathomed.
I heart fall.


heidigoseek said...

princess picnics and lazing around the house are the BEST! i love having gracie at home with me to do all that fun stuff. pretty soon kindergarten will scoop her away from me and i will miss it:(

Scanlon Family said...

Ah Jen, I miss you already! You're such a good Mom. I think I read too much. We missed you for Halloween too. I had a great costume and all and then (remember how my eye was swollen in CO), well it got worse and I was under Dr.s orders not to wear make-up! How can a make-up artist do Halloween without make-up? So I just watched Britton scare the crap out of the neighbor kids instead, though that was pretty fun!

Red said...

I love that Edan is going down the slide with her cup. And that she still plays with that bear I got her, and that you look killer in that dress, and that i bet you did the pumpkin face of larry, and your pumpkin looks great, and I am so proud that you voted and turned CO blue, and and and... i miss you, happy fall, the best of the seasons.

Red said...


The Eliason Family said...

Ah, good times at the pumpkin patch. Austin really liked all the pictures. He was giggling. Hooray for princess picnics. That is such a good idea jen!