Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Again, Have I mentioned I'm a loser?

Because of the fact that I haven't blogged for a number of weeks, I have a plethora of photos that I've been too lazy to put up.

Hmmm...where to begin?

After our anniversary, we went out as a family to the Denver Aquarium. I highly recommend going if you ever get a chance. The restaurant there is fantastic and the aquarium itself is mind-boggling. I couldn't believe how large it was! Edana loved first, until we eventually came upon the "Rainforest" exhibit, which would have been cool if it hadn't been for our bad timing. Due to the fact that we arrived at the aquarium rather late, by the time we got to this exhibit (mind you, it was a complete sun-lit room, so at night that = no light.) it was pitch black. Along with the "rainforest" sounds playing in the background, we literally felt like we had just landed in the rainforest in the middle of the night, and whizzed our way through with a crying child. Note: just to add to the creepiness, they actually had animatronic animals in the rainforest. Poor Larry had to deal with a crying baby and a wife vice-gripping his arm, screaming "What's that!?"

Edana has been loving playing with her cousins, Sienna and Jake Rasmussen. We've been able to hangout with their family a few times now and are always enjoying ourselves. I wanted to add these cute photos taken on our last play date with them. I think Larry was loving the sand more than the kids! ;)

And last, but certainly not least, I have found the cure for "sick child not eating anything"...a common ailment, yes? But maybe next time try serving the chicken soup in a favorite past-time toy. Luckily, Edana's just happens to be a Cinderella tea set, so it was easy to serve in. I'd hate to think of the outcome if it was Lincoln Logs....


Red said...

your blogs made me smile. I love that you went to chucky cheese for your anniversary, and I love that you've been married FOR EV AR! it makes me smile.... not mention the repeating theme of animatronic creatures :-) look out jen!

Abby O! said...

Awwwww...Happy belated Anniversary! Love you both so much!! :) Pretty sure that I saw a guy in a bear costume the other day and thought about sending him to your door step. Good thing you live 9 hours away and his rates were per mile. ;) Edana's getting hair! HOORAY! Not as much as my new niece on CJ's side but she's getting there.

The Eliason Family said...

Jen, you are not a loser. :) It made me laugh to think of serving soup in Lincoln Logs. Haha! Knowing me, I would probably build a house and cover it it a plastic bag and serve up the soup. I am a dork!