Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My what a day. It's funny, because nothing really spectacular happened, but so many things seemed to stand out. Maybe it's from having to stay in the house, because of Edana's cold, but I actually had time to take some good pictures today, especially because I have felt so appreciative of everything around me.

I had a little time to watch the Today Show this morning, where they talked about an LDS couple that had gotten into a plane crash, and both are in a burn unit in AZ, while their four children are staying with family. The most incredible thing about it, is that because of this woman's popular blog that she has made, so many people are reaching out to this family and praying for them. If you ever get a chance and want to read something fun and uplifting, read her blog at http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com. Her positive attitude in all of her blogs really makes you appreciate what it is that you have and appreciate the children we are blessed to raise.
It makes me wish that I could somehow help. Help all of those families out there that are in so much pain. Do you think that if you pray for the world, it actually helps? Maybe it needs to be more specific, hence entering names in the temple. Sorry. Silly things I've been thinking of. But hey, it a blog! I'm suppose to ramble!

On a lighter note: Today was BelgianWaffle day in the Eyring household! Ahh! The glorious Belgian Waffle! I don't know why, but these waffles truly made my day. So, yes. I took a picture of them.

Edana has managed to go dirty up all of her warm clothes within the last two days, and since she was cooped up in the house because of her cold, I had to improvise. I stuck her in an old teddybear jumper we had for her when she was little, while I washed her clothes. She loved it! She kept singsonging "Poo Beah. Poo Beah." *meaning Pooh Bear, and she really did look like a little Pooh Bear. I've decided that the bear suit must be warm and comfy because in the middle of lunch her head just nodded back and she was out. I couldn't stop laughing. I love this little girl.

To end our day, I decided to serve up some Spaghettios (partially because I was lazy and partially just to reminise.) where those of you who know me really well will be surprised to know that I did indeed cook the Spaghettios and I EVEN put them in a bowl! But it really was gross to eat. I don't know why I use to like it so much. At least Edana loved it.


The Eliason Family said...

edana is so cute in that bear outfit. And she is cracking me up in the fall asleep at lunch pic. Glad you guys had a pretty good day being cooped up. Only 2 more days til Friday at the Park!

Abby O! said...

Oh my gosh... are you kidding me?! She's so fetching cute! I love her and you so much! Thanks for updating your blog...makes me miss ya'll a little less... just a little though.

Red said...

this blog made me so happy. now i must make waffles!