Sunday, August 10, 2014

Latter Day Saints Seoul Branch

Hello friends, families and others that may find this page!

We made it to church here in Seoul yesterday! We were lucky enough to have my cousin's two daughters to be our tour guides in helping us find our way in the subway!

It may not seem like a big deal in making it there, but here is an idea of what the subway systems are here in Korea:
It is fairly easy to understand, but it goes EVERYWHERE here is Seoul and is pretty confusing when you are trying to wrangle 3 kiddos and find the "English" version of things here.

To travel the subways here, you first need to purchase a T-money card:
This is a pretty cool little card. You load money onto it-most rides on the subway are w$1000 (roughly $1) and just scan the card right before you get into the subway station and at the station you come out of. The coolest part is that you can also use these cards if you take a taxi too! Most taxi's have T-money scanners, so no worries of looking for cash while getting kiddos to stay in their seats.
We only had to get 3 cards for Larry, Edana and I-the boys are free, you just carry the kids along with you.

To get to our beautiful LDS Church, from the Dragon Hill Lodge, we got on the Noksapyeong station and took Line 6 to Gongdeok station and hopped on line 5 where we got off at Yeongduangopo-gu office exit.

Stay right to exit the station, turn left once outside, continue left down a long side walk and once you come to an autocare service center on your right and a small food/cigarette shopette on the corner next to it turn left, walk a little bit more and turn right once you see a Fujifilm, and tada!!! Isn't a beautiful sight? It is huge! Four levels high with a basement for parking.

The branch is large as well! Over 100 kids in primary! My cousins family was such a great help and even helped us out so that we could go to all of our adult classes, rather than sit in nursery. We were so happy to go and so grateful for these two cute tour guides to get us there!


Korean sign: The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints

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