Friday, August 8, 2014

Korea: we made it!

Hello friends and family! 안녕하세요!(hello!)

We have made it to Korea, the land of the Morning Calm!
How are we feeling right now? To be honest, calm would not be an adjective that I would pick for us at this point, but we are getting there.

We have started this adventure with many bumps and confusion but I think we need to just get use to it because this really is an entirely new experience for us!
a small little room to get some sleep in at Seattle airport

In getting here, we took 4 different flights, 9 very heavy and large suitcases that we kept ending up having to get from one part of the airport to another, and an overall of 19hrs of lay over time-not including the flight time! Whew! Needless to say, we got to the Dragon Hill Lodge very very very very tired at around 11pm.

The hotel is pretty awesome. There is a fun play area for the kids, a swimming pool, hot tub, and beautiful grounds to walk around and see. The base is located just outside of downtown Seoul, so it is a very busy area once you go outside of the base but there is so much to see and experience!

to show that squatting to sit around is actually part of culture
even in cartoons!
 The driving here is CRAZY! We have heard that China is even worse-??!!! Do you remember the game Traffic Jam, where you have to rearrange the cars to let the white one drive out? It is very similar here. We have had our realtor drive us around in the small side streets and if more than two cars were squeezing down these alleys every one would stop and have to do three point turns to try to get out. I will have to just take some pictures next time. It is something to see! (it makes me really not want a car here).

We have had some major set backs in things we had been told about housing situations and how some of our moving costs would be settled, but it has been very reassuring to receive help from other families that have been through where we are (or worse!) and are so very positive.

We have already gotten to have our first playdate with my cousin Sarah and her family, as well as game night (very important to us Eyrings!) We were able to meet with a friend of Sarah's and in just one evening was able to answer so many questions and concerns-so helpful. I feel so so lucky to have family here and contacts right off the bat. I don't know what we would do if we hadn't met up with them or didn't have anyone to talk to! It makes us realize how much we all really do need to look after one another and help where we can. It is so important to not feel completely alone in the this world.

As of right now, we still are "homeless". There has not been any report of whether or not we will be stationed at Camp Humphrey's, or here in Yongsan. Hopefully things will be cleared up this coming up week.
North Seoul Tower, about 3 miles from the DHL

We sure miss you all already. It has been strange to drive around the city, not know on earth what others are saying, and even just looking over such foreign rooftops of villas and apartments here. It really is such a different life than we are use to but I think for the most part, we are ready to hop in and figure it out.

We hope all is well! We love you!
나중에보자! (see you later!)

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