Monday, August 11, 2014

FHE adventure-You Are Here Cafe!

Hello again friends and family:

So we have gotten very very very...did I mention very?...stir crazy in the hotel. So for FHE tonight we decided to go out and explore Seoul.

Our three options: Pet Alley, Norayangjin Seafood Market, or You Are Here Café.

You Are Here Café won. I will be honest, we are YouTube nerds. Big time. So what better place for Youtube nerds placed in Korea to go than the new café opened by two big Youtube channels, Talk To Me in Korean and Eat Your Kimchi!

I was pretty hesitant at first, knowing that we would be going into a younger part of Korea i.e. college area with three little kids but it was actually a lot of fun and everyone we met there was super nice and inviting.

We were even greeted at the door by Hyunwoo and his wife and newborn son when we got there! We did not get a photo with them but it was really cool to have a conversation with the guy that built Talk to Me in Korean from the ground up. If you haven't gone to their website, you should try it out. Great podcasts and easy to learn Korean material-and the best part is the majority of it is free! Woot!

We went inside and ordered a grapefruit-ade and Nutella shake: both pretty darn good! While ordering inside, we noticed a large crowd of people all looking in one direction-Sooozeee! Poor Soozee probably knew she was being awkwardly stared at by a large group of people, but she pulled it off well pretending she didn't care. I figured that she was probably a pretty cool person to meet so I went up and talked to her. Very sweet and down to earth and even put up with our family taking a picture with her later on.

We later went outside and met a number of fun people that were going to school here in Seoul. One guy was even named Eddie! I think our Eddie thought that was kind of cool. Ethan was followed around by a sweet college-aged girl that wouldn't stop watching him. He was pretty good with the flirting for her-and she totally ate it up.

boys trying out the Poi lights
While outside we got to see a guy playing around with Poi balls-here in Korea lighting things on fire is a no-no apparently so they use LED lights in these instead. The boys LOVED this and had to try. We got the guys info on the store he has and when they do shows by the Han River.

We started to leave, when we noticed a very familiar KIA drive by. I didn't quite catch on til Larry yelled a, "Hey guuurrlll!" -note: I did mention that we are BIG TIME Youtube nerds. If you do not understand this reference, no worries, we are not the norm.  So, we then decided we should turn around to meet Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi.

Meeting a Youtube celebrity is pretty much that, meeting a celebrity. Poor Simon looked pretty overwhelmed with everyone surrounding them and jetted but Martina was super friendly and stuck around to talk to everyone and take pictures with us. Edana was pretty excited to meet her. I pretty sure it is the Pink hair factor and that Martina LOVES Sailor moon as well. We were invited to come back with the kiddos for Halloween-Koreans don't really celebrate Halloween, so a place where a bunch of foreigners hang out might be fun-we will see.
Edana and I with Martina. Edana kept talking about how cool it was to meet her after.
The little boys were the most excited about Spudgy. They kept following him around so they could pet him. That's right, we really just came for Spudgy. Mission accomplished. :)
ha ha! apparently they both wouldn't sit still long enough for a photo! The blue streak is Simon and Martina's dog, Spudgy.

After that, we attempted to find some food but with the kiddos tired and extremely hungry, we ended up buying stuff at a small shopette.

Our haul for the night: banana milk, banana puffs, yogurt drink, some kind of angry bird chips, steamed corn (Eddie insisted on this for some reason) and TTMIK workbooks to help with our Korean.
Overall, it was a fun experience to meet some of the people that we have been following and learning from to get ready for this Korean experience. It was a pretty awesome way to start off our adventures!

We love you all, and think of you often!
Until our next adventure!!

*and here is a video of the guy showing us the Poi balls!


Deb said...

Love being able to see what's happening with you guys! I'll have to update our blog for you guys too. Living in a hotel room would definitely be rough. Hopefully you'll get in your own space soon so you can get settled!

jen said...

Yes it has been rough but I think it has helped us warm up to the areas that are for rent around here-we will appreciate the space we get so much more compared to the hotel!
We would love to see what is going on with you guys! We sure miss you all and as I am getting school stuff ready I keep thinking of you and wondering how I can be more like you and make things more fun for the kids. Love you Debra!

Nana Jones said...

I learned how to do poi balls in Junior high. How do they make them glow in the dark? I am intrigued.

Nana Jones said...

I learned how to do poi balls in Junior high. How do they make them glow in the dark? I am intrigued.