Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Lovin'- happened so fast

It's amazing how fast summer went by.
It's even more amazing how many things we actually did this summer. Ready for many pictures??
We started out our summer in Utah, where we played Were extremely great examples to our little nephew

We were able to see family and show off our little Ed

We FINALLY were able to go see Grandma Maggie!

We then headed to St. George for the Eyring Reunion where we were able to visit the beautiful Zions Park.

We were introduced to the silly sport of plankingWe visited the Hogle Zoo, a zoo Larry and I hadn't been to since we were kids.

We were able to not only see animals and dinosaurs but also Michelle Money(?) from the Bachelor
My little brother, Britton, graduated from High school!

Edana got to ride a horse

We were able to play with cousins

Jen then drove the 13 hour drive out to Austin, TX with the kids to see our friends, The Banks Family.

Oh, my how silly are kids were.

And also so sweet

We were able to meet up with Larry (as he was training there) and even went to Sea World. A first for our family.

And for some reason I only got pictures of the kiddos. But they sure are cute!

Back at home, we continued on with preschool during the summer

We had fun with friends

We went to the Renaissance Festival, where I talked Larry into dressing up with us...

..met a hired Jack Sparrow impersonator.... *the highlight of Jen's day*

and I even made my first full dress.

Larry and Edana got to ride an elephant.

Jen was called as an Activity Day leader

And was able to help run in the 195mile race of the Rocky Mountain Epic Relay!

And believe it or not, since finally getting these pictures loaded, I have found a handful more of things we did over the summer. For next time, I guess. Whew. What a summer!


Deb said...

Crazy! You guys have been doing tons of things. Jack Sparrow would have been one of my favorites too. Way to go on the dress!

Kirsten said...

LOVE LOVE L! I need to dig up my pics of your visit. There may be some of you in there... chances of me too... slim to none.

Anderson Family said...

Sounds like a fun summer! We've been super busy, too. Had tons of fun.

Abby O! said...

Awwwwwww!! It was so great to have you guys here! Eddie is getting so big! And Edana... holy crap can she seriously be old enough for school next year? Oh my goodness. Yeah, we need to see you guys ASAP!

Jenny said...

Fun summer! (And funny that you saw Michelle Money.)

Abby O! said...

P.S. The dress you made rocks! I really want to go to a renaissance festival someday. I got banned at work from says, "Hazzah!" because people were annoyed. :(

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Jen! Your so cute!

Emily said...

Busy summer! I love your face in the pic of jack sparrow...he is quite a hunky pirate. Your dress looks great!

Emily said...

Busy summer! I love your face in the pic of jack sparrow...he is quite a hunky pirate. Your dress looks great!