Friday, July 18, 2008

His baby? My baby? She's her own, baby!

"Oh! She looks so much like her daddy!"-these are the words I have heard for the last 15 months. Yes, it is true: Edana has this uncanny resemblance to her daddy. They both have the same Eyring nose and Rasmussen lips. They both have this devilish smile that lets me know something just happened that I'll probably never find out about. They both even have the same hair, and neither has a say in it. (One is in the military, the other...a baby.) But some of you may be surprised to find, that yes indeed Edana has developed some of my traits too! (And no, not JUST the whole "oooh! scary!" thing...)
My little girl is blossoming into an artist. Though her style has yet to pass the boundaries of squiggles and lines, she is becoming more and more patient with it; sitting there to squiggle for a few minutes rather than seconds. Anytime a pencil or pen in the vicinity she asks, "Draw?" and begins carefully scribbling all over the paper. Her other love of the "arts" is playdough. She hasn't gotten the concept of molding it, of course, but she loves pulling it to pieces and throwing it EVERYWHERE! (We stopped playing when I noticed her eating some of it.Apparently the 3 years and up really does have a purpose.)

Edana has also become more of a girly girl. She has officially replaced her favorite Ralphie doll (yes..ralphie from the simpsons) for a baby doll that she has refused to leave out of her sight. Whenever we ask what the baby's name is, we either get "eetee" or "mimi", so we refer to her as "baby mimi" doll.

Another bookworm is born. Since we can remember, Edana has been pretty content when shuffling through a good picture book, but lately she has developed an even deeper interest in books. Any time Momma is reading, Edana will grab her little book and plop down next to Momma, pointing out all the animals and bubbles. She has even surprised us by repeating the books later on, when we aren't reading. Of course, not the whole book, but we get an occasional, "Tubbytime!" or "wah sop (whale soap)...say boat (sailboat)". It's very cute.

So even if she didn't get my curly hair or tiny bow shaped lips, there still is alittle me in there.

But then again....she really does look like Larry!


Red said...

she especially looks like him when eating popcorn!!!!

Scanlon Family said...

Isn't it fun to watch kids grow? Mine constantly surprise me with new little traits that reflect one of us so well, it's terrifying. I can't wait to see you and your cute little girl.

The Eliason Family said...

I love this post! it's so funny!