Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Eyrings have socialized! 8 Mile run!

Yeah....If any of you can tell, I really don't have much of a life. I've been updating this more in the last few days than I EVER have in my journal or anything like that. I just really wanted to share some fun stuff that happened with us yesterday and this morning, and being that I have pictures, it's going on here.

It's official. We have finally caved in and started socializing. I kept fighting it, keeping to my introvert self, but realizing that it really isn't fun hanging out by myself and that I do in fact get lonely, we went and hung out with friends yesterday. Larry was especially excited because we went with the Eliason's and Hinkson's to the zoo, where they were having "teddy bear day" for all the little kids. It was so cute seeing little kids lined up with their favorite plush friends and they even had a "teddy bear clinic" where you could take the bears to get a check up. :) It made me smile. Larry had a blast being our tour guide (even though I think everyone had been there at least once) and we enjoyed roasting out in the hot hot sun. It's been a lot of fun getting to know both of these new families and to have our first "friends with kids" kind of relationships. It's odd to realize that a lot of the time we are all sitting around talking about our kids. I don't think I could have ever pictured myself doing that before, but I really think it's inevitable.

We also have just recently received "Settlers of Zarahemla" (Mormon version of Settlers of Kahtan) and were able to play with Emily and Josh, who royally beat us all. I tend to be really bad at most games, but hey! I guess I'm just trying to get better at losing gracefully..??

This morning I finally got over my big hill of a lag in my training for a marathon. I decided to go running to Garden of the Gods and back, and I actually made it the whole way! I woke up poor Larry and Edana, who drove and waited every mile just to make sure I didn't get taken away or eaten by a cougar, and Larry was so sweet cheering me on, even though I could tell he was so tired. He even was so proud of me as to take pictures, which at first I didn't like but I guess now I have proof that I actually did it. I finally have gotten back that, "I can do anything" high and I love it! It was such a beautiful morning and I think that the most amazing thing to see is the mountains and rock formations in the early morning sun. It made me really appreciate the beauty that our Heavenly Father has created for us, and I've realized how lucky I am to be here in Colorado Springs. Despite the dry heat and rock lawns they have here, it really is beautiful and I really think I'm going to like it here.


Scanlon Family said...

Congratulations on your run-something I will never be able to do! I'm glad you're making friends, it makes life a lot more fun. Three days until we get to see you . . . yeah!

Kelly & Steph said...

Larry Eyring??!! Man i havent seen you since High School!! How are you?? I have NO IDEA how i found your blog...but im glad i did...i heard you got married...and have a kid??!! Crazy!! I hope things are going well for you!!

Steph (carter) Jensen

Kelly & Steph said...

I got married in not very long ago...crazy huh!! We are living in st george for now!


The Eliason Family said...

seriously, jen...that is so awesome that you ran that far!!! I want to be like you! Good job! good pics too!