Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Favorites..

Sooo many pictures. Sooo little time.
Here are some of our fall favs:Edana wanting to go to school.

Two Healthy lizards. Finally!
those girls got bangs!

pumpkin carving

Edana's new style. (mom, dad, she insisted on the pink hair...and no i did not dye it.)

two new cakes that were made

Our birthday boy

Airforce v. Army

daddy's little girl


Abby O! said...

Cute bangs! Happy lizards! Only two years till school... unless you count pre-school then it's only like a year! Hooray! Did the Army win the game? Man... *lump in throat* I miss you guys so much. I wish we could really see you today like Edana said on the phone last night, "I'll see you tomorrow!" :) Love you!!!!!!!

Red said...

so sweet, i love the lizard theme! Your gator cake is amazing! And, I love that Edana is so blonde, and already wants pink hair, like her mom ;-)

Scanlon Family said...

Oh, I love your cute family! I love that Edana wants pink hair! Emma and Allie would totally go for that too. Miss you guys, can't wait until DISNEYLAND!!!!

Deb and Spence said...

That pink hair look absolutely fabulous! I'm so glad we're going to Disneyland with you guys! You gotta give me those ideas for cakes. They look great!

Courtney said...

LOOK at her! Little E is gorgeous! I love the up close of the two of you. She's beautiful just like her mommy! Fun fun pics. You are so creative!!!

Emily said...

Larry's Pillow and cake were awesome! Nice job Jen!