Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mi Familia

Last weekend we were lucky to have our family come and see us.
Bright and early on Friday morning, we were awaken to a CJ, Abby, Maggie, Matt and Laura.

After "allowing" them to have a few hours more sleep, we made our way to the Cheyene Mt. Zoo.

Hmmmm...I wonder whose idea the zoo was????

We also got a surprise confession that little Xander may actually come out resembling a certain bear...

We also went to Manitou Springs and did some fun window shopping, where we found some awesome eye wear for Edana. Alas, no actual pics were taken in Manitou.

On to the bday party. Yes, it's true, Edana is two, so we invited family and friends to celebrate. We tried to keep the kids (and adults) occupied by pin-the-backpack-on-dora, ring around the rosies, and find the balloons games, but in reality when you have 15 people in an apartment, there is going to be some chaos.

*side note: here are the long awaited dora head cakes...

...that weren't actually served at the party, due to the fact that poor dora looked high, and jen actually tried one before giving them to others. trust us. she is a very kind person in not serving them.

We had chocolate dipped strawberries and occupied the other kids while Edana opened her presents..

The next day was a COLD one. So, we improvised and did all things indoors. We went to Patsy's candy store, where we were able to squeeze into a tour they were giving to the public. What could be better than being indoors on a cold day, while inhaling the sweet smell of chocolate and having all the samples you could get your hands on? It literally made me want to become Willy Wonka.

We then attempted to go on Ft. Carson base with everyone, but alas, they were onto us. We had a German 'spy' with us...poor Laura. So, we went to the dollar movies instead.

Though we didn't have as much time with them as we would have liked, we are so happy they endured the LONG car ride to come see us. It was so good to meet Matt before the actual wedding. It's funny, since we all (us Eyring/Olsen girls) kept being worried how Larry would treat Matt, but Larry and I both agree that he is the best person that could ever be found for Maggie.

We are so grateful for the wonderful siblings that we have.

For the cute CJ and Abby and the optimism they seem to always have in life. Though they may have been married after us, I'm always inspired to be like them. They seem to know so much more about marriage than I could ever know. They are always so kind and careful with eachother, and it's so reassuring to see that in a married couple.

For Maggie and Matt and the reminder of enjoying every moment together. It was so sweet to see all the private moments they would sneak away and have together. I hope they always have that and am grateful to be reminded to savor those moments.

For Laura, our German sister, and for the incredible person she is. She may seemed reserved at first, but she really is this funny, adorable and kind hearted person. I am so glad to have met her and for her friendship. And for the fact that she made my little girl's day just by giving her a hug. :) It makes me laugh at the irony of their relationship.

As we mormons say, We are so blessed. :)


Scanlon Family said...

I'm glad that you had such a great time with the Eyring clan-so why did we get jipped on the candy factory when we visited . . . :) You guys are so great and Edana is getting so BIG! You always have the best blogs.

The Eliason Family said...

You do have an awesome family Jen! It was nice for Josh and I to see what Larry's family is like. Keep them visiting so they can buy my funky bags! :) J/K. Thanks for having us come to your fun party!

Abby O! said...

Awww...I have no idea how I missed this post but I somehow did! I love you so much Jen, oh my goodness! We really are so blessed (he he he) to have you as a sister! Larry is the luckiest guy!! Member how my baby is half bear... poor kid... :D Loves!