Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Keong hee huat chye!

Our greetings to you this Chinese New Year! I apologize. My computer won't write in Chinese characters...plus I wouldn't know which ones to use, so you get it in Hokkien. (?) : means "congratulations and be prosperous".
We are starting one of our new traditions in celebrating different cultures holidays.

To start out the Chinese New Year, I swept the floors: symbolizing sweeping away all bad feelings or spirits from the previous year. note: you shouldn't sweep a for few days after, or you may sweep away the good spirits entering your home.

"Painted" our door ways with red (hung red ribbon, decorated with Chinese symbols of what we want to gain as a family); symbolizing good wealth and good fortune.

Made papercutouts and hung them in the window.

We made pork and cabbage dumplings and stuck a yen in one. Who ever gets the yen will have goodluck for the rest of the year.

And we ended our night with our version of a "togetherness tray". It was suppose to include sugared tangerines, waterchestnuts, figs, etc...but we settled for yogurt covered raisins and strawberry mentos. :) my, how cultured we are.

Tonight, we will give our offering to the kitchen god and place honey on his picture, so that he'll give good reports to the other gods when he goes back.

Oh, and Larry got the yen. Here's to making Sergeant this year! :)


Janice said...

What fun Jen! I was thinking about adopting a few new things this year and helping the girls learn about them. Looks like I missed the Chinese New Year! Better luck next year maybe.

The Eliason Family said...

OOOh that is so cool Jen! I think you may be more chinese than I am. Sounds like fun and your diner looked beautiful! I want some dumplings! You'll have to show me how to make some.

heidigoseek said...

love it!! you are gonna love having older kiddos to make celebrating all the more fun!

Abby O! said...

Wow! That is so freaking cool that you celebrated that! Seriously, I know that you told me you were going to but you're just so creative and awesome it exceeds all expectations! :) And that is why you really need to be even CLOSER so that I can bask in your awesomeness...maybe then some of it would rub off on me.

Ruth Worthington said...

Great ideas! I think you did an amazing job. We love Asian culture so much, you have inspired me once again, my friend. Happy New Year!:)